On site filming of our core manufacturing processes has taken place today.

Videographers BVU filmed seven short videos that will be premiered on our stand at Sign & Digital UK.

The aim was to show in greater detail a range of processes that we have developed in our 50 years. A combination of investment in the latest technology & an experienced team ensures we are the UK leader in most of the processes – manufacturing speedily and efficiently without any loss of quality.

The videos focus on

  • Vacuum Forming. With 50 years experience, a large amount of high capacity kit including the Geiss T8 and three other vacuum formers our vacuum forming service tackles large and short run projects simultaneously and quickly.
  • CNC Routing and Cutting. In addition to the sector leading Zund G3 Cutting System we also offer 3 & 5 axis capability for volume and complex projects. Add an experienced team and flexible working for an unbeatable CNC routing capability
  • Laser Cutting & Profiling. The Cutlite Penta LM 3020 is premiere league kit. We can sum up its advanced capabilities briefly: it can laser better, faster and more accurately. For our customers’ that means we can complete laser profiled projects better, faster and more accurately.
  • Drape Moulding.  An ideal way to produce curved or shaped parts and products, with our experienced team and large capacity equipment we can produce a wide range of drape moulded products in low and high volumes. We can drape mould up to 2.5m so there are very few projects that we cannot undertake
  • Line Bending. We can line bend single or double parallel products as well as manufacture more complex forms. Utilising some of the best equipment available means our line bending service offers exceptional accuracy, uninterrupted heat bands where required and bends substrates up to 3m long and up to 25mm thickness.
  • Digital Printing. Award winning colour reproduction plus the ability to print directly on to loads of substrates and print on difficult shapes and finishes makes our digital printing service unbeatable.

We’d like to thank BVU for their work at short notice – and the Wrights Plastics team for their enthusiastic co-operation during filming. If you can’t join for the premier at Sign & Digital UK, then watch this space for their online unveiling.

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