Our vacuum former range works with a wide range of plastics to manufacture high quality products, parts and components.

We regularly invest in leading-edge vacuum formers to ensure we deliver the most efficient vacuum forming services for our customers.

Efficient Vacuum Former at Wrights Plastics

What constitutes the most efficient vacuum former?

Getting the job right from the beginning is the most important step towards an efficient process. Even before the project goes to the vacuum former, our support team will ensure the design, CAD and choice of material are all correct for the required job.

Carrying out the process just once is always a great place to start and our vacuum formers include lots of features to ensure each project is successfully completed. Features such as quick tool clamping, automatics sheet sag control and synchronised plug assist are all designed to make the process faster and better. Speeding up the production process helps reduce energy costs, and therefore also helps increase efficiency.

Most jobs require some level of finishing and we also invest in the latest finishing equipment such as CNC routers, laser cutting systems, diamond polishing kit and much more to make sure the completion of the project is as efficient as the rest.

Which plastics can be used in a vacuum former?

A vacuum former can be used to form products from a wide-range of acrylics and plastics. Our recent blog goes into much greater detail here. The range is great news for manufacturers who can look to plastic that meets the specification of the finished product but can also look to choose the most cost-effective plastic s – and ones that offer great sustainability through durability or their ability to be recycled.

With over 25 years vacuum forming experience and a large range of cutting-edge vacuum forming machines will deliver cost-effective value-engineered solutions to your project requirements.

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