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Trust the experts. We have invested in the latest kit and the best people to offer an unparalleled 4 axis CNC services designed to help you reduce costs without impacting on quality.

What is 4 axis CNC?

4 axis CNC machining involves the same processes involved in 3-axis machining, where a cutting tool is used to remove material from a piece to create the desired shape and profile. However, in the case of 4 axis machining, milling is performed on an additional axis. A 4-axis CNC machine operates on the X,Y and Z axis like a 3-axis machine, but it also includes rotation around the X-axis, which is called the A-axis. This is the 4th axis that is added to the machining process. In most cases, the workpiece will be rotated to allow for cutting to occur around the B-axis.

What are the benefits of 4 axis machining?

4 axis CNC machine has many benefits for manufacturers. 4 axis routing reduces the number of times a product is machined, helping reduce production time, costs and increasing efficiency.  4 axis CNC machines are designed to produce precise work pieces consistently. Once the programming controls are confirmed, the CNC machine produces thousands of high quality parts and components in the shortest period possible. Modern machines offer ease of set up and increasingly sophisticated processes.

Why choose  4 axis CNC machining from Wrights Plastics?

The quality of the finished product that has been manufactured using 4 axis CNC machining process depends not just upon the process but the machinery used and the team in charge. Expertise in the process, knowledge in correctly setting up the job and quality control during manufacture is critical to a successful outcome. Using the latest in 4 axis CNC machinery will maximise the quality, speed and efficiency of the project.

Wrights Plastics has over 50 year’s expertise in precision CNC routing and machining. Our investment in the latest kit and technology has helped us increase efficiency and speed of production as well as reduce waste and energy-use. Our dedicated team will work with you throughout the whole process – from creating CAD files for best set-up to despatch of the production run.

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