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We provide an extensive range of precision CNC routing services.




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3, 4 & 5 AXIS CNC

Precision CNC Routing Services

We provide an extensive range of precision CNC machining and CNC routing services. Our reputation for quality, service and price has ensured we have continued to grow our business since we were established in 1969.  With almost fifty years experience we’ll help turn your idea into a completed project.

  • All CNC routing and CNC machining is carried out in house at our 46,000 square ft production unit.
  • Services include 5 axis CNC routing services, 4 axis CNC & 3 axis CNC using specialist leading-edge kit
  • Experienced engineering staff, a dedicated CAD team and the very latest software and CNC routers ensures we work to the very highest standard and complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Flexible working practices and processes means that we can manage fast turnarounds and short lead times when required.
  • Our extensive CNC routing services mean we can manipulate plastics to the highest specification – cutting multiple shapes and sizes across a range of materials with varying thicknesses.

CNC Machining | CNC Routing Services

  • Prototypes and one-offs, short runs and large volume plastic parts manufacturing
  • Advice on design and manufacture
  • Complete end-to-end service if required
  • Extensive production space and warehousing facility
  • Established assembly and collation teams and a distribution service that delivers across the UK

We can manage the whole production process from design to delivery.

Investing in the best CNC routers

We have a rolling programme of investment that has seen us introduce some leading edge cutting and machining technology – sometimes for the first time in the UK. Our investment helps us remain competitive in a global market and supports UK jobs.

For customers the benefits are clear: improved workflow, reduced production times, improved quality and extend routing services across a range of plastics and substrates.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation is just the most recognisable recognition of our commitment to quality and excellence. With almost fifty years’ experience in plastic fabrication and an extensive range of manufacturing, industrial and retail clients, we combine the latest technology and old-fashioned service to provide stress-less cnc routing services from end-to-end.

    CNC Routing UK

    We provide acrylic CNC routing UK wide. Based in West Bromwich our added value services means we can offer a more complete service than other acrylic CNC routers. Our inhouse design & CAD teams can help turn an concept into a reality or we can refine an existing product, part or component to improve effectiveness or durability – or even lower unit costs. With exceptional material credibility and process expertise we will help you choose the correct material and ensure we deliver a high quality product everytime. Most finishing is also carried out inhouse – helping reduce lead times, lower the project’s carbon footprint and lowering costs.

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    By investing in the very latest CNC machinery we have maximised our production capacity. That helps in a number of ways. For large volume projects, we can complete the project much faster. For small runs or plastic prototyping projects, these can run alongside other ongoing projects so there is no delay.

    Our current range of plant and equipment includes


    Our CNC machines deliver precision outputs each time, every time. With over 50 years CNC fabrication experience, our material credibility is second-to-none and this helps us select the most suitable material for your project; suitable in terms of end result and cost-efficiency. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art CNCs ensure exceptional quality at all times.


    Through its high-speed, high-accuracy, automatic manufacturing, our CNC machines provide a cost-effective CNC routing solution. CNC machines can deliver an increasingly wide range of processes that might surprise some. So before you commit again to your usual

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