Cementing, Welding, and Taping

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We provide a wide range of cementing and welding options, designed to provide a durable, reliable and seamless joint or bond across a range of substrates and fabricated products. Using the latest equipment and techniques, supported by a fully trained and experienced fabrication team, we offer the most effective – and cost-effective – cementing, welding and taping solution for every project.

Cementing and welding solutions

  • Contact adhesive – water thin solvents that soften the acrylic, diffuses and evaporates, allowing the parts to harden together.
  • Solvent cements
  • Mixed solvent cements – solvent cement thickened with an acrylic polymer to slow cure times, and fill small voids.
  • UV cementing for the ultimate high quality look and finish
  • Polymerizable cements – Methyl methacrylate monomer and a catalyst mixed to produce a cement for strong, long lasting quality joints.
  • Ultra sonic welding for softer substrates
  • Polyprop welding

Our cementing and welding plant includes

  • UV LIGHT 800W

Acrylic Welding

We can also offer acrylic arc and ultrasonic welding solutions where required.

Ultrasonics is mechanical vibrational energy converted to friction heat at the joint surface. Ultrasonic welding is a fast, clean, efficient method of assembling or processing rigid thermoplastic parts. We can use various ultrasonic welding techniques across a range of projects and products as an alternative to solvent-based adhesives.

This energy efficient process offers  high productivity with lower costs than many alternative assembly methods and creates an air tight hermetic joint, essential for many products.


We are experts at tape-based joining solutions and use a wide range of foam tapes and 3M tapes most suitable for the project. A combination of high-quality hand finishers and efficient machinery ensures that virtually no job is too large or too small for us.

Our expert hand-finishers provide a fast and cost-efficient service backed up by  auto-taping machinery that deliver up to 25mm wide tape in one continuous stream – ideally suited for the fast and secure turnaround of signage, Point of Sale and FSDUs and lots more.

Our ENIMAC X-TREME LIGHT AUTO TAPE SYSTEM allows for high speed automated application with micrometric accuracy.

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