Vacuum Formed Seat Covers for Concept Seating

For over 10 years Wrights Plastics has been a chosen production partner for Concept Seating, one of the UK’s leading seating manufacturers.

vacuum formed tip up seat covers

Based not too far away from us in Stourbridge, Concept Seating work across several sectors. As well as designing and manufacturing contact upholstery solutions for offices, hotels and restaurants, they also supply a full range of seating for different types of buses and coaches.

We supply seat covers for a number of their passenger tip-up seats that can be found in buses and coaches throughout the UK and Europe, such as WrightBus and FirstBus vehicles. The cover is fitted to the base a tip-up set to conceal the inner of the seat.

Vacuum Formed Plastic Parts

For obvious reasons the seat covers need to be meet safety regs as well as provide a durable solution able to withstand everyday use and offering a long product life cycle. Our expert team vacuum form the parts in high quality ABS from precision tooling. Call-off quantities can run into the 100s so Concept Seating required a partner who can manage large volume production with no loss of quality.

Each part is then finished on our 5 axis CNC machines.

We thank Concept Seating for their continued support and look forward to at least another 10 years partnership.

Plastic Automotive Components & Parts from Wrights Plastics

From tip-up seat bases for buses to screens for NextGen driverless pods, we have extensive experience of delivering high quality plastic parts, products and components for the automotive sector. As well as working with traditional brands such as The Morgan Car Company and Jaguar LandRover we are increasingly involved in projects for EV and AV transportation – a good fit with our aim to reduce our impact on the environment.

For more information about our products, processes and services visit our Automotive Sector page.

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