Harness the power of the FSDU

acrylic FSDU

FSDUs are a cost-effective way to drive new product launches, promotions and generally increase product and brand awareness instore.

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) come in all shapes and sizes but offer the flexibility to create eye-catching displays across the store.

So let’s look at how you can harness the power of FSDUs

Product launches – go big or go home as the saying goes and a FSDU allows you to go big. With product launches you have a short period of time to make an impact and a FSDU will help with that impact. In addition to window and shelf displays, you can use the FSDU to get in the face of the customer so they won’t be able to miss the launch. Big name brands love the impact of the FSDU at this important time.

Promotions – similarly FSDUs help you make the most of any instore sales and promotions. You can use them across the store to ‘pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap’

Brand Awareness – FSDUs have got branding all over them – literally. They offer lots of space for high impact graphics and copy lines that make a big impression on customers.

Reportedly, large displays set up in prominent locations such as near sales counters, end of aisles and store entrances, can result in up to a 64-fold increase in sales than the same items sold from their regular shelf locations


A Counter Top Display Units (CDU) is great for displaying small product lines or products where space is limited. CTUs used on shelves and counter tops to promote items or increase impulse purchases.

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are floor standing units that can be used on floor space both inside and outside the store to promote products and boost sales, perfect for attracting attention to higher value products, perhaps new products or those on promotion.

Dump bins – these can be found on floors or counter tops; usually not structured in the same way as an FSDU they allow for sale or promoted items to be piled into one area.

Where To Position your FSDU

Always think about the customer experience and the store layout– how do they navigate the store? What space is available for the unit without obstructing navigation or making the store look untidy or displays poorly thought through? How are the items promoted related to the store layout? You can link the unit to nearby products or use it as an opportunity to sell to customers who do not usually navigate to this product range. Remember using multiple FSDUs will increase the impact in store.


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16th April 2019

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