5 reasons to choose 5 axis CNC

5 axis CNC is helping manufacturers deliver increasingly complex parts cost-effectively. It is providing an effective alternative process for traditional manufacturing and plastic prototyping. Here are some great reasons to choose 5 axis CNC for your project

  1. Save time — One of the most obvious advantages of 5-axis CNC routing is the reduction in time it takes to complete a project. Whereas a standard 3-axis machine might require several different set-ups 5-axis machining can complete the part in fewer operations, and less set up time. There are two types of 5-axis machining: 5-sided, sometimes called 3+2 machining, and simultaneous 5-axis. Both methods are faster than traditional 3-axis machining, but 5-sided machining is much quicker and easier to program. Simultaneous 5-axis machining ultimately results in a smoother surface finish, according to experts, which is typically required to compete for projects with many aerospace applications.
  2. Reduce costs— you can also reduce the overall production cost per part by using 5-axis machining. Because traditional 3-axis machines are able to work only on one side of a part at a time, those parts that require multiple finished sides require recalibration and, in some cases, reprogramming. All of this increases overall production time and labour, which means higher costs.
  3. Increased sustainability – using 5 axis CNC routers will reduce production time, and using the latest super-efficient machine reduces energy use and material waste. This helps reduce the project’s impact on the environment.
  4. CAD / CAM compatability — technologies behind computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing have advanced greatly over recent years. Whereas once there had been limited software support available for 5-axis machines, nearly all of the most popular software developers have upgraded their products to accommodate the additional two axes.
  5. Suitable for general and special projects —5 axis CNC offers capability for simple as well as complex projects, large volume as well as prototyping.

Choose a 5 axis CNC specialist

To get the full benefits of 5 axis CNC routing choose a 5 axis CNC specialist. At Wrights Plastics you’ll find:

  • Investment in the very latest CNC kit
  • Over 50 years’ fabrication expertise
  • Outstanding material credibility – we’ll help you choose the right material for the project
  • Unbeatable inhouse services – from design to CAD, manufacturing to despatch we offer a complete range of services under one roof
  • Sustainability – from invest in the most efficient kit to challenging targets for minimise energy use and wastage sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

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