The Freestanding Display Unit (FSDU) should be a standard weapon of choice in the battle for bigger sales and brand recognition.

What is an FSDU?

A freestanding display unit (FSDU) is a type of flexible retail display that’s designed to highlight key products, typically in retail environments. Usually made from cardboard or acrylic, the freestanding display units are a popular standalone POS retail display solution – combining practical product storage with space for branding.

Their lightweight, portable design makes FSDUs a dynamic promotional display option for both retailers offering an easy, affordable and effective way to do everything from advertising impulse buys to building brand awareness.

Why should I use an Freestanding Display Unit (FSDU) in my shop?

There are plenty of reasons for adding an FSDU to your range of POS retail display products.

Extra Display Space – an FSDU will allow you to add extra display space in any store. As floorstanding items, they allow you to utilise space between or around shelves and cash desks and counters.

Add Season Sales – the times you will probably need to add that extra display space is when your product range grows and typically this is during one of the many year round shopping seasons. So when you need more space at Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween etc etc the FSDU will allow you do this at a small cost & with high impact.

Promote New Product Ranges – FSDUs allow you to get your new product ranges noticed. With though-through placement and strong branding, your new high margin range will have a strong initial impact at launch, and brand recognition will help ensure long term sales.

Build Brand – FSDUs offer lots of branding opportunities so they will help maximise the brand value of the product featured. Remember building brand allows for higher prices and creates consumer loyalty so effective branding will have a long term positive value for the business.  Even if the FSDU is branded for the product not the store, the fact that it is in your store will help boost your brand.

Increase Revenue Per Sq Foot – image placing a FSDU for a hot brand’s latest product launch in any area where sales per sq foot are lower than the rest of the store. As you navigate brand aware customers into parts of the store they have never been before there is a golden opportunity to improve the take in these areas. Make sure you have maximised the effectiveness of the area with strong product displays, clear communications, signs and info posters (use poster holders to ensure these are in the right place to get noticed).

The Freestanding Display Unit (FSDU) bring lots of advantages to every store. Talk to us about how we can help you today on 0121 580 3080

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