According to a recent study  over 80% of customers admit to making impulse purchases in-store. POP display aims to maximise the number and value of these purchases.

A store’s Point of Purchase (POP) is defined as the place where sales are completed and POP display aims to maximise the number and value of those sales. Traditionally, this area was confined to the cash desk but with growing technology POP displays can be found throughout the store – ideally where footfall is highest or located in areas of highest margin per sq ft.

What is a POP display?

Unlike the items placed on your shelves, customers make snap decisions at the point of purchase. Effective POP display planning will use display stands, branding, communications and even experiential activity to make the most of these potential sales.

Use POS/POP displays to push promotions like BOGOF, new products, promotions, clearance items and products linked to core product ranges (classic examples include shoe polish in shoe shops, or mobile phone covers in phone shops etc)

There are several different types of POP displays, each with their own benefits and use cases. The ideas below can each be tailored to work in your store:

  • Freestanding units
  • Counter displays
  • Dump bins
  • Sampling areas
  • Checkout displays

1. FSDUs

Freestanding units offer the chance to place the display exactly where they are need for maximise effectiveness. Bespoke FSDUs offer branding opportunities and the chance to create high-impact displays.

POP display

2. Countertop Units

Counter space is incredibly valuable real-estate in any retail store. Although it is important to keep these areas clear and accessible there is also the chance to use bespoke or off-the-shelf countertop display units (CTUs) to promote products as impulse purchases

3. Dump Bin

Dump bins offer the same flexibility as FSDUs but are also available in off-the-shelf options that can be re-used as required. Dump bins also available in many sizes – from floorstanding options for inside and outside the stores as well as countertop options.

4. Sampling area POP displays

Post Coviid19 regulations and consumer behaviour will make sampling and sharing products problematic. But offering the chance for customers to experience products prior to purchase will help increase sales. Integrating contactless technology or including digital display or Bluetooth marketing may offer  future-proof display ideas.

5. The checkout POP display

Again, post Covid19 retailing may involve a longer time spent at checkout. This offers marketing opportunities in areas such as queue management, barrier areas and areas where customers are waiting for service or checkout. Mixing product displays, branding and communications can help increase sales as well as longer term goals such as new customer sign ups to marketing and loyalty programmes

You’ll find loads more ideas across the website. Talk to us about how our retail display experience can help you create compelling point of purchase displays.

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