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A leading acrylic fabrication company

With over 50 years’ experience we believe we can provide the most effective acrylic fabrication service. From small projects to large volumes, from prototyping to complex machining our mix of expert teams, state-of-the art kit and value-added services makes us the #1 choice across many sectors.

We carry out most acrylic fabrication processes and finishing inhouse to save costs, lower carbon footprint and reduce stress. We can provide

We continually invest in the latest machinery and software to offer the most efficient and sustainable acrylic fabrication solutions for our customers.

In house finishing includes cementing, taping, collation and assembly.

We can fabricate parts, products and components for sectors including industry, automotive, retail display, medical device, traffic management and many more.


Value Engineeered Acrylic Fabrication

Our material credibility, applicatoin expertise and range of inhouse services means we can offer value-engineered solutions that help clients

  • maximise feature accuracy & functionality
  • lower costs
  • increase product lifecycle
  • develop sustainable solutions

Our inhouse product design team can turn an idea into a concept, and the CAD team turn that concept into efficient files that minimise prodcution time and material waste.

With relatively inexpensive tooling, drape moulding is ideal for low volume projects but we also have the capacity to manufacture at high volume when required. it is an ideal way to produce curved or shaped parts and products – our team will always help you choose the most effective fabrication process.


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Turning your idea into a workable design with effective CAD is part of the service. Our expert team bring their experience to every project to deliver cost-effective solutions.


Our investment in cutting edge machinery is just part of our ambition plan to lower energy use, reduce material waste and lower our carbon footprint. You can find out more about our sustainability plans here 


In plain English, we know our stuff. Understanding the strengths and limits of a whole range of plastics and maximisng the effectiveness of our huge plant range ensures we deliver the right solution first time every time – great for the customer, good for the planet.

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Why Choose Wrights Plastics Acrylic Fabrication?

As a leading UK plastic fabrication company our mix of the right people, the right service and the right equipment make us the right partner for your acrylic fabrication needs.

The Right People

Our experienced teams aim to get the job right first time every time. As well as skilled fabrication teams across loads of processes we also have expert finishing crews. Add in (if you need them) project management, design, CAD and distribution and we can cover the project from start to finish.

The Right Equipment

Having one of the largest plant lists in our sector means we have huge capacity – and that means we can handle small & large jobs, simple & complex projects. More importantly we continue to invest in leading edge equipment, tech and software that allow us to work at maximum efficiency – that translates into lower costs & speedier production times for customers, as well as lowering energy costs & minimising waste.

The Right Service for Your Project

Pick and choose the level of service you need. We can provide value-engineered design and CAD solutions at the start of the project, and arrange distribution across the UK and Europe at the end of the project. You choose the level of support you need for your project.

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