An acrylic FSDU offers a durable, sustainable and stylish display option for your store, product or brand. Acrylic offers almost unlimited design options ensuring your FSDU makes the most of available space as well as creating an eye-catching, brand building display.

An acrylic FSDU is lightweight so it can be moved across a store to make the most of customer flow. Most acrylic FSDUs are sustainable; the acrylic used can be recycled at end of life and the recycled material can be used in a wide range of products.

What is an acrylic FSDU?

An acrylic floorstanding display unit is a display stand that is not fixed in place and is manufactured in plastic. There are many different types of plastic that can be used in the manufacture of the FSDU, all with different characteristics and cost base. The choice of material used will depend upon design, use, durability, budget and location of the FSDU.

Plastic can be manipulated into almost unlimited shapes and forms using a variety of processes. This allows the design and form of the unit to be limited only by imagination. High quality printing direct to substrate also offers exceptional opportunities for branding.

Why choose an acrylic FSDU?

If you are looking to add extra display space or to promote a new product or promotion, then an acrylic FSDU will allow you to this effectively – and cost-effectively. Creating high impact stands, fully branded with eye-catching use of colour, text and typography can be achieved. The stand will withstand the bumps and knocks of everyday use – even in the busiest retail environment.

Light enough to be moved across the store to maximise effectiveness, but sturdy enough to hold plenty of stock, the stand will last throughout the promotion and can be recycled at end-of-life.

Why choose Wrights Plastics?

Working with some of the UK’s best known retailers we have developed a unique insight into Point of Sale display. Understanding brand is what we do so we will bring our brand experience to any project. With over 50 years plastic fabrication experience, our understanding of material, processes and sustainability ensures we can develop exactly the right product for your project. Add in design, project management and distribution capability it is no surprise we are the #1 choice for many UK brands.

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