No – it’s not the title of the latest afternoon gameshow or even an adults-only drama. But it is possible to see line bending on the BBC as part of the BBC Bite Size educational strand.

The brief but informative 90 second video demonstrates the making of a rather stylish mobile phone desk top holder. and the video demonstrates the use of a hot wire heater to bend the plastic in to the required shape. The video forms part of ‘Explain This…’ a series of short films that offer concise explanations for KS3 Design and Technology

Anything that inspires the next generation of engineers, makers and manufacturers is welcomed by Wrights Plastics. With over 50 years plastic fabrication expertise, we rely on a skilled workforce to ensure we deliver the highest quality products that can compete in a global workplace. Alongside our investment in the very latest tech, we have also previously offered placements and apprenticeships to help continue the region’s proud history of skilled makers.

We also have some brief introductions to line bending which we hope will help anyone interested in the process – from students onwards.

We even have a video of our own

Line Bending At Wrights Plastics

With some of the largest and latest kit around around we are able to tackle complex and large volume projects at the same time as smaller & simpler projects. And with flexible working, we can usually manage to deliver to your timetable – even when you need fast turnaround.

With over 50 years’ line bending experience we also have the skills to deliver your project to the highest standard. We operate dedicated line bending teams so take advantage of their expertise the next time you have a line bending need.

Unlike others, we also offer a complete end-to-end service. If you need advice or design, we can help. If you require warehousing or distribution we can help. If you need additional processes throughout the project it is likely we can do this in house as we have an extensive range of plastic fabrication and print services. Keeping projects in one place will help reduce be costs and completion time – and should reduce stress too.

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