One of a range of vacuum forming machines that enables us to offer exception vacuum forming capacity, the Geiss T8 is acknowledged as one of the leading machines in its field.

As a leading vacuum former our customers expect precision vacuum forming with exceptional speed and efficiency. The Geiss T8 ensures we can offer this. With large forming area, exception stacking height and high powered vacuum pump, most projects can be completed successfully, speedily and cost-effectively.

Let’s look at how some of the benefits of the machine’s vacuum forming features for customers

Clamping – the first stage of the process is to clamp the substrate securely in place before heating. The Geiss T8 Clamp frame is steplessly adjustable in both axes as standard, and can be motorised for remote control. This features offer faster clamping, reducing the length of the thermoforming process.

Heating – heating is an essential part of the vacuum forming process, and providing an even controlled heat across the substrate is important.  Quartz elements move into position both above and below the sheet when it is time to heat the plastic, and offer fast, energy efficient heating. Additionally electronic heater control enables sensitive setting of the power of each element of the machine, specific to each project and substrate. The top heater is motorised via crank arm, and the bottom heater in closed machine housing can be operated separately for precision manipulation of the substrate being thermoformed.

Sheet Level – The sheet level stage is one that ensures the sheet isn’t sagging down too much into the machine during the vacuum forming process.  To prevent against this the Geiss T8 includes automatic sheet sag control with air support. For the customer it helps ensure the success of the process every time.

Vacuum – once the sheet has been heated the vacuum is applied to mould the material into the required shape. The Geiss’s complete integrated vacuum system allows high quality energy-efficient vacuum forming at almost any depth across many substrates.

Plug assist – Plug assist forming is used when a mould is complicated or deep draws are required in the plastic, as it ensures that the thickness distribution is even and that there is no webbing. The Geiss comes with synchronised plug assist system as standard, increasing efficiency, reducing time required to complete the process.

Cooling and release – Now that the plastic has been formed it is critical to let it fully cool before being ejected from the mould. If it hasn’t cooled fully the moulding could become deformed which would result in a reject part. To prevent this the Geiss comes with 4 strong cooling fans plus water spray cooling.

Finishing and trimming – Once released the part is transferred to the trimming station for removal of excess material, finishing and any other required post-forming process. The quick tool clamping system leads to a reduction of tool change over times via the flexible systems – and again this will minimise the time from start to finish of process; that is energy-efficient and maximises capacity.

With its high spec range of features, vacuum forming on the Geiss 8 delivers major benefits for our customers – from improved speed, higher capacity, reduced likelihood of rejected parts and finished parts formed, trimmed and finished to the highest standards.

With the highest spec vacuum forming kit and 50 years’ experience has ensured we are one of the UK’s leading vacuum former.

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