A bespoke FSDU will not only help with the short term goal of selling more product, it can also help you achieve longer term aims such as brand recognition, customer loyalty and engagement – essential aims for long term success.

A bespoke FSDU (Floorstanding Display Unit) will provide a focal point for instore promotions and activities. Ideally it should be combined with other instore promotions such as Point of Sale display, window and interior graphics and even events and activities to create a 360° instore campaign. This may be backed up by wider promotional campaigns and activities.

Unlike fixed display elements within the store a FSDU offers the opportunity to create something unique. It is not reliant on existing fixtures or store layout to make an impact. A bespoke FSDU will further maximise the impact by creating a stand that is enhances the brand values. Whether the aim is humour, sophistication, fun, style and whether your audience is young or old an FSDU is an ideal marketing tool.

Bespoke FSDU Benefits

A bespoke FSDU will use all the elements of your brand and product to create a stand that not only promotes the product but also enhances the brand. It goes beyond the initial desired outcomes of the promotional campaign to help achieve longer term aims that will benefit the company. Creating high impact instore FSDUs is a great way to achieve brand recognition, and customer engagement through social media, marketing sign ups etc. It can turn an impulse purchaser into a lifelong advocate for your brand.

To achieve this requires an understanding of brand as well as access to the latest manufacturing processes and skilled staff to ensure that the FSDU is fit for purpose – cost-effective for time limited campaigns as well as minimising the environmental impact of such a campaign by manufacturing the units with the greatest efficiency and least waste.

Wrights Plastics developed a unique insight into brand through their collaborations with leading High Street retailers, cosmetic and jewellery brands and independent retailers. Inhouse design is supported by the skilled technicians and latest manufacturing kit at their UK manufacturing base.

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