You need a vacuum forming specialist to bring your product, project or component to life – but who do you choose? There are probably 1000s of companies to choose from so our checklist is here to help. Getting on with your production partner is important – it will allow you honestly with each other during the project – but today it is not enough.

Experience. No matter how simple or complex the project, vacuum forming requires expertise to ensure the project is manufactured to a high quality while also minimising time on the job and material waste. Getting it wrong not only wastes time but also impacts on costs and the environment. So choose a vacuum former with expertise in your sector.

Machinery. Vacuum forming machinery is improving all the time, and using the latest brings many benefits – both to the customer and to the environment. Look for a company with a track record in investment in the latest kit.

Finishing. Your project may require additional processes and services to bring it to completion – polishing, cementing, trimming and even printing. Not every vacuum former can complete all these process, but any that can are likely to save you costs, time and lower carbon footprint.

Material Credibility. Understanding the capability of the chosen material is essential in ensuring you are usjng the most suitable material for the project.

Project Management. Being kept proactively kept up to speed on any project saves time and worry. Find out how your project will be handled, and by whom.

Sustainability. Minimising the impact of your project on the environment is essential. A combination of ethical-sourcing, investment in the latest ultra-efficient CNC routers and inhouse targets to reduce waste and energy use are some of the ways in which your partner can demonstrate their commitment to a better way of working.

With the above checklist in hand, finding the most suitable production partner should be easier.

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