CNC machines come with a range of advantages that can help deliver precise high quality but cost-effective manufacturing process to deliver your part, product or component.

Higher Production Capacity

By investing in the very latest CNC machinery we have maximised our production capacity. That helps in a number of ways. For large volume projects, we can complete the project much faster. For small runs or plastic prototyping projects, these can be run alongside other ongoing projects so there is no delay. And because we invest in the latest kit that major on efficiency and speed, we can offer considerable cost savings to clients.

Greater Precision and Accuracy from Wrights Plastics

Our CNC machines deliver precision outputs each time, every time. With over 50 years CNC fabrication experience, our material credibility is second-to-none and this helps us select the most suitable material for your project; suitable in terms of end result and cost-efficiency. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art CNCs ensure exceptional quality at all times.

CNC machines can achieve more than cutting. In fact, carving, milling and shaping plastics is one of the many ancillary functions of the machine. With the right set of tools and program codes, we can use your CNC machine to cut, carve, shape, punch, mill, drill, turn, etc. for a complete end-to-end operation.

Easier Plastic Prototyping

Consider a situation where you are experimenting with packaging for maximum efficiency while occupying minimum space. The process of manually creating prototypes can be quite time-consuming and prone to errors. On the other hand, CNC machines can easily field the issue even if the design is three-dimensional. Plus, the existing code that you may have about your item could be an excellent jumping-off point to inverse the same and create a mirror copy! As such, you can find the perfect design to suit your needs.

Affordable CNC Routing Services

Through its high-speed, high-accuracy, automatic manufacturing, CNC machines are a cost-effective solution. CNC machines can deliver an increasingly wide range of processes that might surprise some. So before you commit again to your usual

Skilled Operators

The Black Country has a rich heritage of skilled craftsmen and we continue that tradition with a dedicated and expert team who aim to deliver a perfect product. The process begins with an experienced project manager who will provide clear information on costs, timescales and materials. Our Design & CAD teams can help develop and refine your idea – and once on the shopfloor your project is in good hands thanks to our skilled CNC teams.

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