Wrights Plastics Group’s latest investment now means we have unrivalled capability in the display sector. Our combination of the very best available plant and a highly skilled & trained workforce across two manufacturing bases ensures we can successfully deliver any display project. When it comes to display and POS we genuinely believe if we can’t do it, it can’t be done.

The Cutlite Penta Plus LM3020 CPRF888 laser cutting system is a major commitment for us at an initial cost of over £300,000 but it is just part of our ongoing investment programme. We can sum up its advanced capabilities briefly: it can laser better, faster and more accurately. For our customers’ that means we can produce projects better, faster and more accurately.

In fact our significant investment spend has aimed at ensuring we can

  • work on projects regardless of size and volume
  • incorporate more substrates
  • increasing production speeds and
  • improving accuracy & improving quality

& this applies across all our processes – forming, machining, cutting and finishing – we can offer an exceptional, seamless end-to-end service.

Introducing the Cutlite Penta LM3020

Cutlite Penta is internationally recognised as the leader in the field of CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines.

The latest laser technology offers unique advantage:

  • no need for finishing processing: perfectly polished and crystalline edges in one step, breaking down costs and time of polishing;
  • cutting and engraving without producing waste: no costs of maintenance and storage while respecting the ecosystem;
  • no contact on the material: unlike the milling processing, laser technology does not require any locking system of the sheet, saving time and money;
  • realisation of complex geometries with excellent results in terms of quality and accuracy;

The PLUS LM series represents the top of technology for cutting plastics: its linear motor technology allows a perfect qualify of processing, very high dynamics and great production capacity.

Their new generation software brings together many innovations recently achieved by laser cutting technology: Fast piercing, Fast cutting in high thicknesses etc. The interface improves the already impressive simplicity and directness of operations in the daily use, so even helping the most complex cutting scenarios. Among the CNC dedicated to the laser cutting process, the Smart Manager 3.0 offers a variety of improvements and innovative solutions, always aimed towards simplifying and speeding up the task of the operator.

With the addition of the Cutlite Penta Plus LM3020 we are confident we have a plant list unmatched in size and quality. We have often been early adopters of cutting-edge technology and software when we believe that it will help us improve our processes and service offering. 

To accept our invitation to see the Cutlite Penta Plus in operation contact Andy Watkins

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