We aim to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do – and every client’s project.

Our latest infographic aims to illustrate how this works in a practical, every day way. It shows how our rolling investment programme helps lower energy use and minimise waste. It links the quality of our teams to the quality of our production – and shows that manufacturing durable, long lasting efficient products is the most sustainable options there is.

The infographic shows how our acknowledged material credibility impacts on the environment; by understanding the capabilities of the material we use ensures the most suitable material is used to make the best product available, and how this knowledge helps us choose recycled material where this has long term benefits, not just short term gimmickery.

Even often overlooked aspects of our service – such as our ability to carry out 95% of projects under one roof – helps lower the carbon footprint of a project. And inhouse design & CAD are key to our sustainable aims – again by making sure we manufacture to the highest quality every time.

Check out our infographic here

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