FSDUs are at the sharp customer-focused end of marketing campaigns for a range of FMCG products. Placed strategically within the store they are the final influencers in the buying process. With today’s advanced manufacturing processes and high quality digital print they can support brand with eye-catching designs and functionality that are in tune with today’s ‘Instagram’ age.

The design and function of the FSDU needs to be developed as part of the overall campaign. In fact a truly impactful FSDU can be the centrepiece of the campaign.  For a successful outcome, the customer needs to link the display stand with the other elements of the campaign including social media, print and digital. If the display unit is featured in the adverts and assets, then the connection is much easier to achieve.

Post-Covid brands will need to work even harder to attract customers to shops, and to maximise spend when instore. FSDUs – with their ability to capitalise on marketing campaigns and also to influence impulse purchases – will play perhaps an increasingly important role.

Juicy Drop Pop FSDU


A recent example of high impact display that was integrated into all aspects of the product marketing – from package design to social media was developed by UK retail display specialist Wrights Plastics

They developed a concept that not only reflected the quirky colourful pack design but supported Bazooka Candy Brands “edible entertainment” philosophy with its funky features and clever & engaging design. And with 50 years POS retail display expertise they were able to turn the concept into a practical reality creating plastic prototypes and refining the design following testing.

The production process required many fabrication skills including vacuum forming, line bending, laser cutting and drape moulding. Near-photographic image quality and text-perfect printer meant the digitally printed POS more than matched the products zingy ‘popping’ colours and product images.

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