Mid West Displays has announced that a firmware upgrade for their Android-based digital display screens has been upgraded to reduce perceived synchronisation lag to an incredible 0.042 seconds.

Synchronising screens is a popular way to create high impact instore or window displays. The synchronisation of screens is the foundation stone of high impact screen walls or installations at the checkout.  It makes it possible to enrich the experience of available space and to increase impact by offering multiple possible interactions.

A spokesperson for the digital display specialist said this week “We have been hard at work to develop new firmware for our latest Android PC board which is featured in all of our new displays. One huge improvement in the latest firmware version is that we have minimised the perceived lag of synchronisation to less than 0.042 seconds! This means that there is no visible delay between the content on each screen, creating endless exciting possibilities of truly dynamic content.”

The company claim that their fully-trained support staff will ensure customers are able to make the most of the synchronisation feature – as well as all the screen’s features to help maximise their impact.

“In addition to marketing-lead features such as scheduling software, adding apps, RSS feeds & access to design templates, management-based features include remote uploading which is increasingly important for people who work from home and user management features which allow the whole to team to contribute to the marketing activity.

More information can be found at https://midwestdisplays.co.uk/collections/digital-display…

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