A recent survey found that 64% of those surveyed were drawn to eye-catching illuminated signs.

This is perhaps no surprise. Consumers are only human and as a species we are visually orientated. Consumers remain highly drawn to the visual elements in retail – thus the increasingly sophisticated retail displays, and the huge industry around retail design and branding. In fact, in an increasingly social media focused world the visual element has a much wider role to play as it can potentially be the element that goes ‘viral’ as much as the product it is promoting.

In the battle for the life of the High Street, high impact retail display is increasing in important.

Illuminated signs play an important role in retail display. Illuminated signs as part of the window display can be the draw that turns window shoppers in to visitors. And then interior illuminated signs on retail display can help turn visitors into paying customers.

Colour temperature, brightness levels and light distribution originating in the signage will have a real impact on the effectiveness of the display and in the store itself. The design, construction and installation of the illuminated signs all play an important role in the success of the overall display.

The choice of manufacturing process will impact on cost, longevity, sustainability and running costs.

More about Illuminated Signs in Retail Display

There are a number of options for illuminated signage as part of your retail display. LED signs are perhaps the most popular option as they allow for an almost unlimited range of designs, colours and sizes. They are increasingly maintenance free with a long shelf life and low running costs – good news for the bill payer and for the environment. But LED signs needs to be manufactured and there are many ways to make the signs so working with experienced sign makers with an understanding of retail display and brand is essential for the successful complete of high-impact cost-effective illuminated signs.

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