A ghost table has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Don’t worry – it has got nothing to do with any spooky TV show. A ghost table is the term that refers to tables made from a clear ‘see through’ material, sometimes glass but increasingly acrylic.

This design has found favour as the clear nature of the table makes it an interior design must-have. It’s ‘ghostly’ presence does not detract from other statement pieces or the overall look and feel of the room, but still offers the full functionality of a coffee or side table. This means that the ghost side table or ghost coffee table can be used as part of almost any interior design scheme, from modern and minimal to retro and traditional.

Our sister brand Love It Own It has two products in their ghost table range. Both are made from clear acrylic.

Acrylic is also often known by trade names such as Perspex or Lucite.

Acrylic is more luminous that glass so it lets through more light. It is lighter, virtually shatterproof and durable, as furniture made from the material often comes with a great price advantage.

Both products are manufactured in the UK from high quality material.

The brand is developing a reputation for must-have acrylic interior items. Bestselling products include coffee tables, nested tables, side tables and a homeware range that includes acrylic magazine racks. An important feature of all the products is that they can be recycled at the end of their product lifecycle. Most local authority’s will take the product away and it will be recycled to form a new plastic material that will be used to make lots more useful products.

You can view all the products at www.loveitownit.co.uk

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