With positive Covid19 tests on the rise and the potential threat in the UK of the recently discovered Omicron variant, Wrights Plastics are keen to remind all organisations of the importance of sneeze guards in any location to limit the spread of Covid19

Since the pandemic hit the UK, we have sold over 50000 screens and supplied screens to many household brands and High Street stores as well as selling direct to smaller companies via our Wrights GPX POS brand.

For many organisations, the situation is further complicated by the increased number of visitors and customers expected during the Christmas season.

Increased footflow means increased demand for sneeze screens in any space where there is P2P contact. While some organisations started to remove sneeze guards, these are now going back up & extra screens are being ordered as the threat level increases. More cash desks, customer counters and Collection Points means more screens are needed. And for those who purchased poor quality screens that have become discoloured, opaque or damaged then these too need to be replaced to remain efficient.

Plastic sneeze screens have been acknowledged as a important barrier to the spread of Covid19. They are relatively low cost and can be cleaned and sanitised easily. Wrights Plastics manufacture a range of off-the-shelf screens designed for almost any location and they can be found in shops, gyms, warehouses & distribution centres, schools and community centres.

Off the shelf products can be purchased online. For bespoke orders call us on 0121 580 3080

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