It’s never easy finding a new partner – and just as difficult in business as in real life.

When you need CNC router services to manufacture your product, part or components there are several factors to look for, and our guide can help you.

Experience. No matter how simple or complex the project, CNC machining requires expertise to ensure the project is manufactured to a high quality while also minimising time on the job and material waste. Therefore look for a company that has experience, and ideally experience in your sector.

Machinery. CNC routers are improving all the time, and using the latest brings many benefits – both to the customer and to the environment. CNC routers increase in speed and complexity of processes. Tandem production increases workflow and reduces idle time whilst increasing output. This means faster turnaround times with lower costs.

Material Credibility. Understanding the capability of the chosen material is essential in ensuring you are usjng the best material for the project.

Project Management. Being kept proactively kept up to speed on any project saves time and worry. Find out how your project will be handled, and by whom.

Plastic Prototyping. Sometimes plastic prototyping help progress a project by supplying different designs, styles, functionality and for real-life testing. But the prototypes must be made speedily and cost-effectively, so talk to you likely partner about their experience with this service.

Sustainability. Minimising the impact of your project on the environment is essential. A combination of ethical-sourcing, investment in the latest ultra-efficient CNC routers and inhouse targets to reduce waste and energy use are some of the ways in which your partner can demonstrate their commitment to a better way of working.

With the above checklist in hand, finding the most suitable partner should be easier.

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