When one of the UK’s leading display specialists decided to develop a new LED display range they wanted to create the most sustainable range possible without compromising on look or quality. Perspex® helped them achieve their goal and the Claralight™ range has now been successfully launched in the UK and Europe.

Mid West Displays are the UK’s leading LED display manufacturer whose products create high impact window displays in estate agent branches, shops & showrooms, salons and QSRs across the UK and Europe. The organisation – part of the Wrights Plastics Group – wanted to develop a new range that addressed two increasingly important factors in display – sustainability and style.

Developing the most sustainable range with PERSPEX®re

For their customer base sustainability is an increasingly important factor when choosing goods and services so Mid West Displays wanted to develop the most sustainable option available. They were able to achieve this with our support and our innovative recycled acrylic range.

They manufactured most of the range from PERSPEX®re – our new Perspex® acrylic made from 100% recycled MMA. PERSPEX®re is made using recycled cast acrylic waste yet maintains the high optical transparency, durability and UV stability as virgin PERSPEX® cast acrylic. Using BlackR930 created an ontrend high gloss finish for the range whilst maintaining all the characteristics of Perspex acrylic.

To enhance the sustainable credentials of the range the company wanted to switch from standard 12v LEDs to 24v LEDs – this would offer a 40% power saving per frame – but they also needed to ensure no loss of brightness nor reduction in the lifespan of the leads. To achieve all this they choose Perspex® LEDs.

Overall the Claralight™ cable mounted lightpocket is over 60% recycled (by nett weight)and the frame and rear of the Claralight™ freestanding display are manufactured from at least 80% recycled content.

Developing the most stylish range

Using BlackR930 PERSPEX®re in the making of the products enabled Mid West Displays to offer a tablet-inspired high-gloss lightpocket that was unlike anything currently available and would be ideal for high-end design-driven displays in shops, showrooms, salons and estate agent branches.

The Claralight™ range was launched in the UK in March and in Europe in May. Its success will help ensure the manufacture of LED display in the UK for years to come.

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