We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest and best retailers and brands delivering high impact Point of Sale display that has helped them add sales, build brand, launch product and deliver great customer experiences. For retailers with less budget but no less imagination here are some Point of Sale Display ideas that can be actioned today.

Point of Sale Display Ideas 1: Be Bold

Of all the Point of Sale display ideas we can offer the idea of going big and/or bold is the most important. Customers are attracted to visually exciting displays and this can be achieved in many ways. Sheer size is one option – create a display that gets noticed simply by number, size or volume. If you can include a uniformity of colour, texture, depth or product then extra points all round. But being bold might also involve lots of other ideas – it might involve a bold theme or an eye-catching prop; it might involve great typography, humour, topicality, sexiness or style: bring all your imagination to create a truly memorable Point of Sale display.

Point of Sale Display Ideas 2: Go Experiential

Like most buzz words experiential means lots of things to lots of people but at heart the idea is simple: encouraging customers to use their senses for a better shopping experience. One relatively easy way to do this is for customers to interact with products. So let them smell, sample, taste, play, try, wear etc your products. Let them cook, game, read, exercise etc etc. The more they interact the greater the experience and the likelihood that they will both buy (important) and start to believe in the brand (priceless).

Point of Sale Display Ideas 3: Add Value

Increase the impact of a successful Point of Sale shop display by adding value. This might be by featuring related products. It might involve allowing customers to sign up for future promotions or discounts. It might involve promotional pricing. It may involve all three. But incorporate & set targets for added value as part of your planning and design.

Point of Sale Display Ideas 4: Communicate Clearly

The last of our Point of Sale display ideas is about communication. Displaying product alone will never be enough. Use posters, leaflets, post cards, signage etc to communicate the benefits of the product and the reasons to buy today & from your store. Let the customers have strong takeaways if they cannot complete the buying cycle straight away – time limited offers, product info etc etc.

We’d love to hear your top Point of Sale display ideas – let us know at sales@wrigthsplastics.co.uk

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