These POS display ideas are designed to help any store create impact instore.

There are many examples of how POS display can be included in your store. From bespoke POS display to off-the-shelf solutions such as shelf-talkers, sign holders and poster holders and dump bins, creating an impact at the point of sale or purchase can be achieved regardless of your budget or business.

Whatever form you choose, there are a number of POS display ideas that can be applied across all forms.

Creative Eye-Catching POS Display

The aim of any Point of Sale Display is to be noticed. You can achieve this in many different ways as long as you are creative or work with creative people. Colour, imagery, typography and content can all help you achieve your aims so try to include

  • Bright colours
  • Large logos
  • Aspirational product or lifestyle images
  • Large print
  • Catchy, clever or witty slogans
  • Unconventional shapes

More POS Display ideas

Additionally your POS / POP needs to give your customers a reason to by NOW from your store. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is one of the most popular customer psychologies and this is relatively easy to include in the POS display ideas.

  • Limited stock – don’t miss out
  • New product – be the first to buy
  • Not available elsewhere
  • Special Time Limited Price – be clear about how special and how limited
  • Time Limited Promotion – this might be free shipping, free warranty, 20% extra etc. Again be very clear about the promotion and the time limit.
  • Best brand / after care / customer service – customers can buy elsewhere (perhaps at even lower cost) but they will miss out on other features.

Location, Location, Location

POS displays give you more options for location than aisle shelves. They can be attached to the ends of aisles, free standing in open space, or hanging from an aisle shelf.

Use this to your advantage! Place your displays in more highly traversed areas of the store, such as the front or the ends of aisles. Place your displays closer to eye-level to increase their chances of being seen. Smaller items can be placed in the register line, where customers will be more enticed to buy something while they wait.

Another great way to use location is through cross-marketing. Cross-marketing is placing your product near complementary ones that would commonly be used together. For example, if you sell peanut butter, it would suit you to display your brand near jelly or bread. This works for two reasons. First, it can act as a “reminder” for someone buying one of the complements. Second, the convenience of having your product directly near other relevant products incentivizes buyers to just grab it there, without having to go somewhere else in the store.

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