OK so you are looking to get your design for POS, display stand, acrylic table or funky desk tidy into production. You think that line bending is required for at least part of the manufacturing process so what happens next? It’s time to find a line bending partner.

  1. When it comes to line bending experience counts

Line bending is taught at schools and colleges as part of Design and Technology courses which may give the impression that it is relatively easy to master. But high quality line bending is a skill developed over time so look for a company with a tradition of high quality line bending. Look for sa company where line bending is part of their day-to-day activity, not simply an add-on. Look for a partner with a skilled team because that will mean the project is not reliant on one person to take it to completion.

Choosing an experienced line bending partner will maximise the quality of the finished product, it will reduce turnaround time and reduce waste and therefore lower cost.

  • Completion required

Often line bending is just a part of the production process. More often some level of finishing will be required, anything from polishing to engraving, printing to assembly. Can all these processes be carried out under one roof, or will the product be moved between different locations?

Carrying out all manufacturing processes under one roof saves time, lowers costs and reduces carbon footprint.

  • Material Credibility

Understanding the product to be manufactured, its target market and price point is essential. Combine this with material credibility will make sure the correct plastic material is chosen for the project.

Material credibility will offer cost-benefits and deliver the right quality product for your market place.

  • Better by Design

An experienced line bending partner will also bring their expertise to the design of the product. Small changes can often bring big benefits in terms of improved functionality but can also help lower costs and increase turnaround. Changes to the design can increase the yield from a sheet of chosen material, thereby lowering costs without impacting on quality.

Design advice can improve functionality, lower costs and improve turnaround time.

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