Eurolaser CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Simply ginourmous the Eurolaser LCS 2XL-3200 is one of the largest models around.

The huge dimensions allow the processing of big-size materials – we can cut plastics, foams, textiles, adhesive foils, wood, acrylic, composite materials and any more substrates faster, more accurately and more efficiently than ever before. Packed full of clever automated processes, we can deliver higher productivity and more economical working for our customers.

Precision Laser Cutting On Large Scale

The Eurolaser CO2 laser cutting machine XL-3200 with a processing area of 2,270 x 3,200 mm (89.3″ x 126″) is the largest model of the XL series. The huge dimensions allow the processing of big size materials. The high acceleration of the optical head releasing the laser beam assures maximum efficiency even on this table size.

The modular design enables the Eurolaser to be specially configured for every project. We analyse your requirements and configure the laser system individually for you.

We can accurately laser profile a wide range of materials, including plastics, foams, textiles, adhesive foils, wood, acrylic, composite materials and much more.

For machining acrylic, laser systems are provided with a special table concept. Its absorption area keeps surplus laser energy to a minimum and prevents reflections and damage to the material. Laser power, machining area and optional automation techniques are selected according to the project requirements.

Automatic camera detection enables printed materials to be cut out precisely along the printed outline. Even copying tolerances in the printed format can be compensated by software control.

Mechanical tool heads can be installed parallel to the laser, allowing use tools such as milling cutters or knives for a ‘one system technology’ that saves time and reduces costs.

The PICTUREplus™ raster engraving unit allows machining of image files and production of both 2D-images and 3D-reliefs. Engraving is possible with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi.

Unbeatable Laser Cutting Services

The Eurolaser LCS joins a suit of hper efficient laser cutting systems at our West Bromwich base. It means we can offer unbeatable laser cutting services. Our huge capacity means we can tackle small and large projects, complex and simple cutting requirements. 

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