We have allocated manufacturing capacity to the manufacture of  virus barrier production solutions such as sneeze and cough screens, safety screens and protective screens.

Since the beginning of April, over 50,000 sneeze screens have left Wrights Plastics factory alongside over 4000 hand sanitiser dispensers and stations which have also been developed as part of their ‘Back to Work Safely’ range.

The switch follows the government’s request for help from UK manufacturers in the fight against COVID-19. We have developed a ‘Back to Work Safely‘ range which also includes hand sanitisor stations and dispensers as well as messaging aids such as poster holders and pavement signs.

To demonstrate our we have invested nearly £1m in substrate, which will be periodically delivered to ensure continuity of production. Their 47,000 square foot factory is now designated a COVID-19 protection manufacturing plant.

Initially our screens were supplied directly to leading UK supermarkets and retailers. Increased production levels means the range can now made available to order via the company’s GPX brand ecommerce website.

The sneeze screens are designed to protect employees and customers from airborne virus-containing droplets caused by speaking, sneezing, laughing or coughing that could infect those who have face-to-face interactions.

“As the UK economy begins to reopen, it is extremely important for businesses to protect employees and customers as they return to during the ongoing pandemic,” said James Ivison, Senior Relationship Executive of Wrights Plastics Group. “We have developed a solution that allows customers and employees to feel safe in the workplace.”

For specific protective screen requirements please speak to James Ivison on 0121 580 3080. Our off-the shelf of protective screens including freestanding sneeze screens, desk divider protection screens and counter top sneeze screens can be found at https://www.gpxgroup.com/product-category/protective-safety-sneeze-screens/

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