Yesterday (23rd July) the UK Government announced a series of exemptions from current rules requiring anyone notified of a close contact with someone testing positive for Covid19 to self-isolate for 10 days.

The new rules allow daily testing rather than isolation for supermarket depot workers, and food manufacturers. A separate scheme allowed the same for double vaccinated workers in transport, emergency services, border control, energy, digital infrastructure, waste, the water industry, essential defence outputs and local government.

In response to Government schemes for mass onsite rapid flow testing earlier in the year, we designed & manufactured a low-cost flat-pack Covid19 testing pod that could be assembled quickly. The standalone pod could be linked to others to create an onsite testing centre.

The testing pod proved very popular, and we believe it is ideal for organisations within the exempted sectors to offer onsite testing that is safe, fast and easy – minimising disruption to the working environment & allowing organisations to work close to maximum, which is the reason for their exemption in the first place.

The testing pods are made from high grade acrylic making them lightweight but stable, and easy to clean and sanitise.
The pods can be taken down and reassembled in another part of the site, or even at a different branch altogether.

The Government Exemptions have been introduced in response the so-called ‘pingdemic’ which has seen up to 600,000 people being notified via the NHS app to self-isolate. Fears that this could impact on food distribution & manufacturing lead to the change in the current rules. A range of other sectors have also been exempted for fully vaccinated staff to ease any reduction of service caused by high level of staff absence due to self-isolation.

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