For several years we have worked with leading cosmetic companies and High Street retailers to design and manufacture high impact cosmetic display stand.

For 2021, as High Street retailers open once again, the need for an effective cosmetic display stand has never been more important. Lockdown has confirmed recent changes to consumer behaviour as well as introduced new concerns that retailers and brands need to address.

First of the changes is concerns over hygiene. Old style sampling is unlikely to return, but sample packing is likely to replace it. Factor in a demand for extra hygiene items such as tissues and sanitiser, and it is easy to see that a new style stand is needed. That will require older stands to be adapted or replaced.

With staff having additional duties around customer safety, the stand will also have to do more selling than ever, as well as support brand. With fewer opportunities to upsell as customers spend less time browsing, all display stands , POS & POP will need to work harder to turn interest into sales.

Longer term consumer concerns have also been confirmed during the epidemic. Globalisation, the environment and ethical supply changes are increasingly important to all demographics and genders. Stands will need to reflect these concerns in their design, manufacture and content.

Finally, the huge increase in internet shopping will make it even harder to entice customers back to the High Street. Stands will need to be aligned with the customers’ online experience of the brand, but also offer something extra that cannot be experienced online.

These will be challenging times for cosmetic brand and retailers. Partnering with experienced cosmetic display stand & POS specialist is a first step towards the development of stands that are for purpose for the ‘new normal’. The company should be able to help you develop sustainable solutions which also create impact. Brand understanding is important, as well as an understanding of changing consumer behaviour.

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