FSDU stands for Free Standing Display Unit (sometimes Floor Standing Display Unit) and is applied to any display stand that is not in a fixed position as part of a display, usually in a retail location. The term can also include dump bins and Counter Top Display Units (CDU).

Retailers find FSDUs useful for a number of reasons.

Because they are usually an addition to the regular display space, they provide EXTRA space for the storage, display and promotion of products. So when more space is needed, FSDUs can help. And more space is often needed at busy times in the retail cycle (seasonal events such as Christmas or events such as Black Friday etc).

Extra space is also often required for new product launches. Even if extra space is not required FSDUs are a great way to ensure new products get noticed. Not only can the FSDUs be placed exactly where customers can see them – and in the appropriate section of the store – but strong design and typography adds extra visibility.

FSDUs are often manufactured from cardboard or acrylic so they are light enough to be moved around the store but they can also be developed, designed and manufactured for specific brands, products or sales events.

More about the FSDU

The design of an FSDU is only limited by the imagination. Style, size and configuration is almost endless – and that gives retailers and makers’ the chance to design and manufacture FSDUs that support their brand as well as boost sales.

FSDUs are used to promote products from high end to bargain basement – a testament to flexibility of design and build. Brands often incorporate FSDUs as essential to bringing new markets to launch. In an Instagram age their look and style will play an important role in creating a positive buzz around a product launch.

From high end launch to pile ‘em high, sell ‘em fast clearances the freestanding display unit is an essential tool for retailers and  retail brands.

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