Rapid plastic prototyping is the equivalent to ‘just in time’ production methods– a way to develop, test and deliver to market new products and components as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible.

Rapid plastic prototyping is a great way to fully test or market research products. It is a half-way house between initial concepts, plans and specification – which remain theoretical or hard to visualise – and initial production run, which is costly and often lengthy without a part being fully tested for suitability or market-appeal.

Rapid prototyping has become an option for a greater number of manufacturers as a wider range of processes using ever more materials are able to produce prototypes with ever increasing fidelity to the actual product. Even where this is not the priority, the ability to produce prototypes in different styles, colours and other configurations is helping companies take the guess work out of product launches.

Why choose Rapid Plastic Prototyping?

There are many reasons why rapid plastic prototyping is an option including

  • Faster product development – Prototyping plays a vital role in the process of creating successful products because it speeds up the new product development process
  • Early stage design/concept validation of form, fit, and function of the designincreasingly sophisticated processes can be used to create ever more realistic prototypes. Much of the early rush to rapid prototyping was driven by the rise of 3D (additive) printing but today sophisticated CNC machining can offer equal and sometimes better option
  • Final stage product verification against the technical requirement and business objectives
  • It allows functionality testing to test the objectives of the concept and to finalise the specification
  • Prototype gives the end user, client, customer, user participants hands-on user experience to get feedback

Rapid Plastic Prototyping at Wrights Plastics

Choosing the correct process is just one aspect of our service. Making sure the initial design is fit-for-purpose and creating CAD files that maximise efficiency and speed are equally as important. A 50 year plus of plastic fabrication – from prototyping to large scale production – is invaluable when advising clients.

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