Aisle fins are a specialised form of shelf talker and can play a big role in boosting sales and building brands.

Aisle fins can be made to almost any size, and help create impact to any retail display. They attract customer attention without blocking their view or the product. They can be used as part of the shop wayfinding and directional signage, or used for marketing purposes: to promote a band or launch a new product; to highlight an offer or promotion.

Aisle Fins POP

We manufacture fins from a range of materials. Multi-use plastic provides a good material – easily routed to almost any shape, perfect for as a print surface and durable – these fins will last in even the busiest retail locations!

It may be possible to manufacture fins from recycled plastic. Even where this is not possible, the product can be recycled at the end of its life-cycle and the resultant material used to manufacture other products.

High Quality POP Print

Our suite of near photographic quality printers means it has never been easier to create high impact POP display products such as fins, shelf talkers, FSDUs and many more. Brand imagery is replicated in true colour, and near perfect text reproduction even as small font size means you can deliver key messages without loss of quality.

Value Engineered Solutions from Wrights Plastics

We use our 50 years retail display expertise to deliver value engineered solutions. We’ve helped retailers and brands create fins and shelf management products that

  • Stay in place longer
  • Reduce dwell time
  • Cost less
  • Break less

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