We offer one of the UK’s most extensive range of CNC routing services across a large range of substrates.

Here are some great reasons to choose Wrights Plastics for your CNC routing needs.

Inhouse CNC routing services.

All projects are completed inhouse. We not only have an extensive range of CNC routing machinery but we have invested in some of the most advanced equipment around. For example the Zund G3 is an amazing piece of machinery which can cut, crease, drill and route more-or-less any substrate up to a maximum of 48mm thickness. It’s the big brother of our Océ Arizona flatbed printers, and by using both of them we can print and then route or thru-cut out your desired shape.

In addition to the Zund G3 we also have an extensive range of CNC machines including 3 & 5 axis CNC.

What are the benefits? Our range of kit means we can manage lots of different projects simultaneously – you’re project won’t go to the back of the queue. Likewise we can handle small and large volume production runs, as well as simple and complex projects. We can price the project accordingly – you won’t be paying for processes you do not need.

You’ll also benefit from the experience of our skilled teams who will make sure the project is completed as quickly as possible but to the highest possible standard.

Inhouse project completion

We also have lots of inhouse manufacturing and finishing processes so we can complete the project inhouse. Laser profiling, line bending, polishing and of course high quality digital print are just some of the processes we can offer.

What are the benefits? Keeping everything under one roof will help reduce time to complete the project and keep costs as low as possible. Again customers benefit from the latest kit and a fully experienced team.

Complete end to end service

We are also able to provide lots of additional services, if they are required. Our design and CAD teams can advise on your project, and we are also able to offer warehousing and distribution services.

What are the benefits? Design tweaks can help improve the product or reduce costs. With distribution straight from us you can cut costs and carbon emissions, too!

To discuss your CNC routing requirements call the team on 0121 580 3080

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