With UK local elections taking place on May 2nd and a general election due in the next 10 months production of our polling booths has been stepped up to meet expected demand.

The new style voting booths were launched in 2021 in response to the first wave of Covid19. To bolster public confidence ahead of local elections post-pandemic we developed a barrier-style booth that was easy to clean and sanitise without compromising on voter privacy.

The new design had many other features that meant it would be an lasting alternative to existing polling booths.

The booth is made from 10mm white foam PVC interlocking panels. This makes the booth much lighter than traditional options, and therefore easier to move into place in the polling station. The two panels are quickly assembled and just as easily disassembled into two flat sheets – making them easy to pack away at the end of the polling day, and to store flat until the next election.

And, while concerns about Covid19 have receded, the public is aware of the need for maximising cleanliness. These PVC panels are much easier to keep sanitised and clean than older or more traditional booths. With broadly two flat panels there are no hidden corners for dirt to lurk.

A sturdy shelf locks the two uprights in position – and there is a choice of shelf heights to ensure full accessibility to the booth.

Further details can be found at www.wrightsplastics.co.uk/polling-booth/

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