As one of the UK’s #1 maker of FSDUs we have created some high impact floorstanding display units that have helped retailers and organisations sell more, build brand recognition and create a truly memorable customer experience. Here are our top FSDU ideas.

FSDU Ideas 1. Be Bold

The more original the idea, the greater the impact. Be bold in the design, shape, style, size, colour, and wording of your FSDU. Challenge the FSDU designer and manufacturer to develop a truly clever design – at a price that makes the campaign cost-effective.  Make the most of the latest in manufacturing processes, material options and consumer trends for a real retail talking point.

FSDU Ideas 2. Be Sustainable.

Many retailing products and activities are being scrutinised for their impact on the environment. Often used for time-limited promotional campaigns, FSDUs need to make as little impact as possible environmentally. Using cardboard is one option but acrylic FSDUs may last longer & therefore require smaller production volume – and the acrylic used can be recycled at the end of their shelf-life. Check with your manufacturer

FSDU Ideas 3. Enhance the Brand

FSDUs, CTUs and counter top displays are often customers’ first experience of a brand so it is essential that the display reflects and even enhances the brand. Using corporate colours, logos, typeface and imagery etc are important but reflecting brand values is equally as important. Wacky or witty, cool or sophisticated, clever or costly the design and manufacture of the FSDU can reflect any brand values.

FSDU Ideas 4: Practical

As a check to all the flights of imagination above, there are practical considerations for any FSDU. Will it fit in the planned locations and can it be transported effectively? Will it hold sufficient stock for the length of the campaign and can be built up instore by shop staff or will it need specialist collation?

If you are planning a product launch or promotion, we can help create the perfect FSDU for your campaign. Call us on 0121 580 3080 or email

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