CNC machining cost will depend up the type of product to be CNC machined, its complexity, volume required and material used. In addition, costs may also include any finishing required and any costs involved in setting up the project. As a basic rule CNC machining cost will be calculated on the amount of time to set up the machining and the time is takes to machine the part.

This will be based on a cost per minute. So to keep costs to a minimum the amount of required on the CNC should be as little as possible.

How do I reduce CNC machining cost?

Choosing an experienced CNC machining contractor who invests in the latest CNC machinery and software is the best way to reduce costs.

Their experience – and the skill of their CNC team – will minimise the amount of time the part spends on the CNC machine and therefore lower costs. If the CNC machine used for the project is also a recent model it will also have features designed to speed up the process, and therefore lower costs.

In particular more complex projects benefit from the input of an experienced CNC machining service provider. At the very start, developing the best design, creating optimised CAD files and advising on the most suitable material will ultimately reduce overall project costs. Expertise in complex processes such as 5-axis CNC machining is essential to help deliver the project successfully and cost-effectively.

More tips to reduce CNC machining cost.

Looking at the overall project is essential to reducing costs. Can all the elements of the project – from design, CAD files, machining, finishing and distribution be managed from a single source? If possible this is likely to help reduce costs, as well as time, for the whole project.

Wrights Plastics offers a complete end-to-end service aimed at delivery the highest quality CNC machining at the lowest possible price. With over 50 years’ experience and investment in the latest technology we can handle everything from low complexity high volume projects to prototyping and complex 5-axis machined parts.

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