Our specialist plastic prototyping design team work with clients to develop their concepts into the most suitable plastic prototype for the project.

The design team will not only develop workable drawings but they will also use their experience to spec the most suitable material for the project. Additionally, they will also determine the most beneficial process to deliver a plastic prototype that is fit for purpose.

Many clients may approach a manufacturer with little more than an idea and a sketch. This can be all that is needed to begin the process. Our plastic prototyping design team will also get to understand the desired outcomes. A prototype often fulfils many different functions – from fully functioning part to non-functioning facsimile of a part or product that is required for market research.

The team will develop Computer Aided Drawings (CAD). These may be refined and developed before any prototyping takes place. It is the effectiveness of these designs that are as important as the look and functionality of the prototype. Get these drawings wrong and, although the end product might still be manufactured, inefficiencies of production and material might render the prototyping unnecessarily costly. The skill here is not in CAD technique but in fully understanding the requirements of the project.

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Material selection is also important. Different plastics have different qualities and characteristics – as well as costs. An experienced plastic fabrication company will help ensure a detail understanding of these features, and that will help successfully determine the correct use of material.

Thirdly, plastic prototyping can be achieved with a variety of processes such as 3D Printing and CNC routing. Again, every process has its own benefits, disadvantages and cost-basis. Designer s should have a full understanding of these processes, and be able to recommend the most beneficial for the project.

When choosing a partner to manufacture your prototype check their design capabilities. Talk to the design team about their experience within your sector, and successful project completed.

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