Effective point of purchase display products not only increase sales but can also help increase brand recognition and customer engagement. Whether you are a store owner looking to boost sales or a product manufacturer wanting to create effective instore promotions, Point of Purchase display is an essential marketing tool.

As one of the UK’s leading Point of Sale display designers and manufacturers we offer a comprehensive range of products designed to create high impact memorable instore promotions.

Point of Purchase Display Products Range

Shelf Talkers – shelf talkers, barkers and strips help you deliver key product, pricing and promotional information exactly at the right point in the buying cycle. As well as off-the-shelf shelf talkers, barkers and strips, we can design and manufacture bespoke shelf management and price ticket solutions.

FSDUsbespoke FSDUs, CTUs and dump bins create extra display space as well as the opportunity to create effective brand-boosting POP display opportunities. Creating cost-effective sustainable products for time-limited campaigns is one of our core skills.

End Caps / Gondola Ends – making the most of the available space is essential for retailers and end caps can help boost the selling power of this often overlooked area.

Graphics – eye-catching graphics go a long way to delivering successful POP promotions. In windows, instore and even on the floor they are cost-effective, colourful and can be clever and engaging.

Print – posters and printed signs need to do much of the ‘heavy lifting’ in any POP display. But they also offer a chance to create a real impact at very little cost. With an ability to print on almost any material or substrate print does not have to be confined to paper – let your imagination run wild in a whole world of textures, materials and finishes

Point of Purchase Display Products from Wrights Plastics

We manufacture our complete range of point of purchase products inhouse – after all we have over 50yrs retail display experience as well as ongoing investment in the latest manufacturing kit that produce products as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

We invest in people too! Our design team use their brand knowledge and insights into changing consumer behaviour to develop high impact solutions. We can even store the products and arrange roll-out across the UK and beyond when you are ready to launch.

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