Can POS help save our troubled High Street retail?

Our Commercial Director Andy Watkins was asked to contribute to a thought piece of this subject recently. With a long experience in the sector and a history of working with leading retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and Tesco, Andy was the natural choice for the Trade Comment article in Sign Link trade magazine.

For Andy the well-documented problems of High Street retail has lead to a increased innovation in Point of Sale retail display

One of the effects of the ‘challenging’ conditions for high street retailers in the point-of-sale sector is to drive innovation. Whether using the latest in technology, materials, design or research on consumer behaviour, POS is at the forefront of the drive not only to lure customers away from their computers and back onto the high street but to keep them coming back too.

Andy believes technology is key – not just in POS but in developing processes that allow for complex POS solutions to be delivered cost-effectively. With an greater emphasis on personalisation and a move away from ‘one size fits all approach’ the technology to deliver short run, site specific solutions is increasingly important.

Additionally in a social media dominated sector, POS can create an impact beyond its physical location – and this can help draw consumers back to the High Street

We live in the Instagram age, so we are always aware that the impact of POS goes beyond its physical location. Images of POS have the ability to go viral so it better be for the right reasons. Our clients are aware that POS can potentially have the same impact on a brand as their advertising and social media activity, and they expect us to deliver on this potential.

You can read more of Andy’s thoughts about the future of Point of Sale and those of his fellow contributors in the full article here 

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