Helping A Classic Car to Keep on Motoring

To readers of a certain vintage, the site of a Heinkel Kabine puts a smile on their face. The much-loved ‘bubble car’ was launched in 1955 and almost 70 years later there are still 100s of proud owners in the UK.

We are delighted that, working with the Heinkel Trojan Club, we are able to supply replacement screens, panels and covers that ensure these cherished vehicles on the road.


Founded in 1979 by four enthusiastic owners the club “aims to support its members in their ownership of, and enthusiasm for, Heinkel Trojan ‘Bubblecars’ and Heinkel scooters”. As well as organising dozens of hugely popular events annually the Club can also helps with much-needed spares for owners.

The design of the Kabine included lots of screens and panels and these often require replacement due to age or accident – and this is where we come in.

Drape Moulded Screens and Panels

With over 50 years acrylic fabrication expertise we were able to manufacture a range of panels and covers for the Club. We use several of our core inhouse skills: all the parts are drape moulded by our expert team and then either CNC routed or hand-finished by our acrylic fabrication teams.

Nick Haddon, one of the Club’s director and the man with overall responsibility for spare parts said “We’ve been working with Wrights Plastics for nearly 20 years, ordering parts from them on a regular basis. It is great to have sourced a reliable UK manufacturer for these parts. We are always happy with the quality – and the service.”

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