The purpose of  Point of Sale display is to increase business conversions in the physical environment. For retailers this will most often translate to more sales, but other goals may include greater brand awareness, marketing sign ups etc. Other goals for other organisations might include sign ups to loyalty programmes, memberships, and events for example.

A point of sale display should be seen where there is an interaction between customer and product or service. Traditionally thus has been at a point of interaction with staff – at a sales desk or reception desk for example but increasingly the display can be seen on shelving or stands, in waiting rooms, reception areas, entrance lobbies, etc.

Further point of sale display can use bespoke products to create new displays across a venue. FSDUs, CTUs etc are used to provide additional display options and can combine with design to create additional point of sale display.

The Purpose of Point of Sale Display

The purpose of point of sale display is to improve conversions. The display will use a combination of stands, plinths, display units and even digital screens with print, signage and other print to deliver the key aims of the display.

Off the shelf POS retail display products can be used effectively to create promotional displays across a location. A point of sale manufacturer can also develop bespoke solutions that work to enhance the brand whilst also delivery on campaign goals.

A successful point of sale display will combine an effective offer, engaging content and a strong visual element. More than budget, a large imagination and understanding of the target market are the most important elements to a success POS display.  In the Instagram age the visual impact of the display has a chance to be shared as much as online as information about the product or service itself.

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