We were delighted to get the call to help with the manufacturer of a “next generation” business phone.

We are now supplying components for the HiHi2 business phone. To date over 30,000 parts have been supplied, and eventually we expect to manufacture 100,000s of parts at our West Bromwich base.

We manufacture handset covers, handset inlays and rear vinyls for the HiHi2 using a number of processes including digital printing, precision cutting and knifing. All the components are manufactured inhouse.

We were so impressed with quality of the product that the handset is used at our West Bromwich base and the new handsets have been ordered as part of an upgrade at their Mid West Displays brand offices in Shrewsbury.

The manufacturing processes use some of the leading-edge equipment that we have purchased as part of our ongoing investment programme. Managing Director Mike Wright believes this investment is key in helping the company to deliver cost-effective products in a global marketplace.

“The manufacturing experience of the skilled team at West Bromwich is supported by investment in the very latest tech. This means we can continue to produce high quality components at a competitive price.”

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