CNC machining is a process in manufacturing where programmed computer software directs the motions of plant machinery and tools.  The application can be used to automate a range of manufacturing techniques such as milling and laser cutting materials. Instructions are fed into the CNC machine through a CAD file and transposed into a precise set of sequential instructions. The CNC machine uses these programmed commands to operate automatically without a physical operator. Manufacturers accrue several benefits through the application of CNC machining such as expense reduction, improved speed, better accuracy, and enhanced productivity levels.


What is 3 axis cnc?

The term axes references CNC machines that operate along different axis points. CNC routing removes material from the workpiece until the required shape is achieved.


These machines have at least a 3 axes and operate
along an XYZ plane: X axis (vertical), Y axis (horizontal), and a Z axis


The number of axes on a CNC machine determines the
type of work it can do, the level of detail it can cut, and the workpiece
locations it can manipulate.


3 axis machining implies that the workpiece remains
in the same position while the cutting tool operates along the XYZ plane to
trim away material. This is suitable for parts that don’t require a lot of
depth and detailing. 3 axis machining is most commonly used to produce
mechanical components and parts.



Wrights Plastics 3 axis CNC services

We invest in the latest CNC kit to ensure we can
offer the most efficient 3 axis cnc services for clients. Working at speed with
no loss of quality cuts project timeline as well as reducing production costs.
Additionally our understanding of materials means we can use the most suitable
material for the project, and our 50yrs of fabrication experience also ensures
we get the job right first time, every time.


We also offer a wide range of additional manufacturing process inhouse so if the project requires laser cutting, vacuum forming, polishing, finishing, print or graphics this can be done at our 46,000 sq ft manufacturing base – saving money, reducing the carbon footprint and reducing hassle.


Sustainable 3 axis CNC

We always aim to minimise the impact of our proceesses on the environment. Our investment in state of the art machinery and tech means we can complete CNC routing and milling faster = less energy use; multi-tasking functioins = less energy use and improved software programming = less waste.

With finishing and fabrication process carried out inhouse we can lower the carbon footprint of your project. And our value-engineering design and CAD services can also help reduce energy use and waste.

Above all our commitment and expertise  means we manufacture high quality durable parts, products and components with extensive product lifecycles, therefore reducing the need for further manufacturing.

As an organisation we have commited to lowering energy use, minimising landfill waste and using recycling materials where possible. Find out more about how we aim to be responsible, sustainable and ethical here.

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