A Point of Purchase display is marketing and promotional content located at the Point of Purchase (POP) in a retail environment, typically a cash desk or sales area. The display can include communications such as posters or leaflets and stands such as FSDUs, Dump Bins, CTUs etc.

Point of Purchase (POP) display is part of a Point of Sale display but is more focussed on particular areas of the store, and is often more temporary in nature. The aim is usually to increase revenue through the promotion of ‘impulse’ items but the promotion may also include new product launches, sale or clearance products or season lines.

POP display is also often part of larger promotional campaigns that might include TV, radio, social media and press ads.

More about Point of Purchase Display

Often the display will comprise two elements.

The physical display stand is often a FSDU, CTU, dump bin or similar item. These are designed for short term campaigns and can be easily moved around the store to maximise the effectiveness of the promotion. Often branded to match the item promoted, more generic stands, bins and counter top units are also available.

Communicating the promotion can be part of the design of the stand but will also include posters, signs and leaflets. It is also possible to incorporate POS digital display screens within the campaign.

A specialist POP / POS Display company can offer a complete service which can include design, manufacture, collation and even distribution. Stands can be manufactured in a range of materials, and the sector is increasingly looking to reduce the impact on the environment of the manufacturing of these short term promotional campaigns.

A successful POP display will help increase revenue, build brand and even improve the customer experience.

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