Vacuum forming is used by a large number of companies to manufacture a range of plastic or acrylic based products. Vacuum forming is used to make industrial & automotive components; enclosures and trays; POS retail display; stage and film props; signage, and for product development / rapid prototyping.

Most companies outsource their vacuum forming requirements to specialist plastic forming companies such as Wrights Plastics.

Outsourcing Vacuum Forming

There are lots of reasons why a manufacturer will outsource this service.

Firstly, commercial grade vacuum formers are expensive and are not cost-effective unless used regularly. Investing in the latest kit ensures our vacuum forming is carried out with the highest level of efficiency – minimising the amount of time, energy and material used to ensure the manufacturing is both cost-effective and minimises the impact on the environment.

Our vacuum forming expertise means that everything we do – from initial advice, design and CAD work, manufacturing and finishing is engineered to deliver a cost-effective solution.

Secondly, manufacturing expertise is very important. Deciding on the correct choice of material, drawing up the most effective designs, creating CAD drawings to maximise the efficiency of the vacuum forming – all these require the kind of expertise that we have developed over 50 years of plastic forming projects.

Our expert and dedicated teams bring all their manufacturing and finishing experience to every vacuum forming project.

Outsourced vacuum forming services are combined with inhouse manufacturing of other parts or assembly of outsourced parts to create the finished product or component.

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